Welcome to Unique Accessories for Insulin Pumpers. Our Company was established in 1988 by actual pump users. All of our products are Handmade in the USA. We All wear the Insulin Pump ourselves and have always tried to come up with fun, innovative products that work for everyone. Our motto is "If you can wear it comfortably and privately, you will wear it successfully forever.  We hope you enjoy our website and give us your comments & feedback. We will be adding a Blog soon, so keep checking in.


Price: $24.95
One Size

Did you just get your new Dexcom G4/G5Platinum Continuous Glucose Monitor? Isn't it great? Are you less than pleased with the case it came with? Well we all have one too and did not like the original case, so here is our version. We call it the G4Platinum.

G4/G5-CGM slips right into the case. Completely see thru front hangs horizontally on your clothing or you can remove the clip and put your belt right thru the back of it. Its very versatile and attractive. One side left open for easy charging and downloading. 

Pictured with clip attached also with clip removed to wear on your belt.