Tamper Resistant Case

Price: $34.95
One Size

Our Tamper Resistant Case "TRC" is made of soft neoprene. It zips completely around and can be locked. Removable Acrylic piece inside to prevent tampering mishaps. It is one size for Adults and Kids. Trimmable Elastic straps so you can get that perfect fit.

ADULTS Without locking, leave acrylic piece inside and it can be worn as a sturdy case for rough sport or play. Outside window allows for easy viewing. With hard acrylic piece removed, you can bolus right through the window. Easy trim elastic lets you get the perfect fit. Just snip off excess.

KIDS The case can be worn around the waist and locked through the zipper ends using a small luggage lock available at most stores. Inside has a removable hard acrylic piece to prevent bolusing or tampering while locked.

Available in Blackl, Royal or Purple