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Our goal has always been to come up with fun, innovative products that work for everyone.

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Waist-It Adult

Price: $28.95
Pump Type

Our WAIST-IT fits ALL PUMP TYPES.  Invaluable those first few weeks! Great for exercising or under an un-tucked shirt.  Made from a very soft velour, with trim-able 1.5" elastic straps that Velcro securely around the waist.

The WAIST-IT won’t bounce around. Works with all tubing lengths. ADULT and KIDS SIZE are made with 1.5” wide Elastic Straps Available in Black or White.

The Meter Waist it and the Animas Ping Waist-It are the exact same thing. They both are bigger to accommodate the bigger items.

ADULT SIZE Fits Waists from 20"-50" Elastic Straps are 1.5"wide. KIDS SIZE Fits Waists from 10"-26" Elastic Straps are 1.5"wide.

OUR WAIST-IT  is completely washable, air dry.

Waist-It will FIT ALL PUMPS! You may have to turn your pump around but it will fit. Stretch case out to fit if snug. If your Waist-It wont fit call us at -303.618.3152 or email uniaccs@msn.com