Waist-It Kids

Price: $29.95
One Size
Pump Type

Our Kids Waist-It FITS ALL PUMP TYPES. Waist-It fits securely around waist and can be worn under clothing, thru the belt loops on your favorite pants or shorts you can even wear it to bed.

Made from a very soft velour, with cut-able elastic straps that Velcro securely around the waist. After putting the Waist-It on, if you have a long tail of elastic hanging, just snip it off for just the right size. No sewing necessary.

Great for exercising or under an un-tucked shirt. The WAIST-IT won’t bounce around. Works with all tubing lengths.

OUR WAIST-IT's are completely washable. Air dry.

Waist-It's WILL FIT ALL PUMPS! You may have to turn your pump around but it will fit. Stretch case out to fit if snug.

If your case does not fit for some reason, email us at uniaccs@msn.com or call 303.618.3152