Price: $29.95

Our Clip-n-go Fits ALL pumps. We have special Clip-n-go's for the Animas Ping Receiver, Dexcom CGM, Tandem and Medtronic 600/700 series pumps. Just indicate which pump type you have from the drop down menu and we will send you the clip-n-go that fits your specific device the best.

The Clip-N-Go works great clipped to anything. If you don’t get anything else, you will need the Clip-N-Go or ClipnStow to get you through the first few months because of its versatility. You will have to take pump out of case each time you need to bolus with the ClipnGo. If you want more flexibility, check out our ClipnStow.  ClipnGo and ClipnStow clips to the waistband on your favorite shorts or pants. Clip it to your undies or nightgown while you sleep. There is no end to what these 2 products will do for you.

The Interlocking clip holds it very secure! Made of water resistant nylon, with a soft cotton lining. Because not all of us, wear belts.

Available colors

** Tandem has more colors available, call us at 303-618-3152

This product is not made to wear with a belt. The ClipnGo clips to anything and stays put!

If you always wear a belt, you might want to take a look at our BeltnGo or Belter.