Price: $13.95

~ Small pill fob to carry glucose tablets
~ Wear the Fill-pob around your neck
~ Put the Fill-pob on your key ring
~ Clear cylinder Measures 2"tall
~ Noticeable in an Emergency
~ Discreet if you want it to be

All of us have or should be using glucose tablets to treat insulin reactions. Gone are the days of candy bars and French fries to treat a low. We now know that 3 glucose tabs = (12g of carbs) will do the trick for most of us without raising our blood sugar later. Eating chocolate just invites another high in 3 hours. Don’t allow yourself to feel terrible and “YO-YO” just because you want an excuse to eat something “bad”.

Well now that your contemplating using glucose tabs, how do you carry tabs with you all the time and not be bothered by the bulkiness?

We all have enough on our belts and in our pockets. We need something small enough to wear around the neck or put on a keychain. We want to have the option to keep it private in certain situations, but it also needs to be noticed in an emergency. We finally just decided to design our own.

In real life it's referred to as a "pill fob". If you say it 5 times it ends up being "Fill-pob", so that's what we called it!

There are plenty of pill fobs out there and nice ones too but they just dont have all the important components we need as "people with Diabetes".

Our Fill-pob is like nothing else. It holds 6 glucose tablets (2 doses) around the neck or keychain in a small "see thru" acrylic cylinder that measures 2"tall. Our Fill-pob is completely waterproof, sweatproof, crushproof when filled and even floats. Wear the Fill-pob to exercise, work, school, hiking, swimming or trips to Disneyland or waterpark. Wear it with you, under your clothing to keep your glucose tabs dry and close by at all times.

Our Fill-pob system comes with 5-ea Emergency I.D. inserts so you can change your information as needed.Medical Alert items are great, but if you want your mom to be notified in an emergency that day you can put her number to call, instead of having to call an 800# and change your info for the day. What if Moms out of town and you need to notify Dad? 

Emergency inserts can be filled out with all your important information. Example: How you treat your diabetes; Insulin Pump, Injections, Oral meds, etc. (see sample above)

It also has a section for Your Emergency contact phone numbers. Once filled out just place the insert inside the Fill-pob and all your information will show right thru the clear cylinder. In case of emergency. It's like wearing a medical alert necklace, but it will hold your tabs too.

The Fill-pob is for Everyone. You canuse the Fill-pob several different ways. Around your neck; If you don't want to wear the Emergency info showing, just remove the Emergency insert or turn it around and the white will show through. You can remove it all together and just see glucose tabs.

For fun, insert a favorite photo of your kids, husband, family, dog and show them off to your friends at work or school. Wear a different photo every day. It's up to you!

NOTE: If you are going somewhere that no one will know you or your situation, wear the Emergency insert inside. If you end up having a low blood sugar and get into trouble, at least someone will find your Fill-pob and know what's going on, how they can help and who to contact for help.

Use the Fill-pob on your keychain, backpak, purse or throw it in your briefcase. Wherever you put it, it will give you peace of mind knowing your glucose tabs are nearby.

Use our red squishy top on your own glucose tab bottle.