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Our goal has always been to come up with fun, innovative products that work for everyone

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Holds ALL Tandem pumps with regular sized reservoirs.

 Allows you to view pump screen and Bolus at all times.

G5 Horizontal Clip Case "Medicare"

Price: $34.95
One Size

Our G5 Clip case was created for the bigger Medicare touch screen receiver from Dexcom.

Open back of case and insert your Dexcom Receiver. Face receiver towards vinyl front window.  Velcros closed on back of case.

Front side has see thru vinyl window to view your blood sugars at all times.

Made with a durable snap hook that clips to any attire.

You can attach to sweat pants, dress pants, undies, shorts your purse or pocket it clips to anything.

You will love our new G5 touch screen clip case.

Made of a thick, durable leatherette fabric. If you drop your receiver, this case will protect it.